Faithful Disciples + Academic Excellence + Christian Leaders

A little about us...

St. John’s Lutheran Educational Ministries is the primary mission of

St. John’s Lutheran Church.  

  • We are first and foremost a Christian school, while also maintaining high academic standards.   
  • We are fully accredited, and proud of our highly qualified teaching staff.  
  • Christian Education/Discipleship is taught in class four days a week; Chapel is held each Wednesday in the church sanctuary.    
  • We offer childcare from 6 weeks through 3-year-old and 4-year-old Preschool classes, full day Kindergarten classes, and Grades 1-8. 
  • School hours are 8:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M. and students are supervised beginning at 7:30 A.M.  
  • After School Care is available until 6:00 P.M. through the Early Childhood Center for an hourly rate.    
  • We participate in the National School Lunch program, with the West Bend School District.
  • Secure, safe environment. All doors are locked during the school day. Visitors must check in at the office.
  • Excellent school/parent communication via Sycamore, a website that enables our parents to access teacher newsletters, student assignments, student grades, school news, school calendars, and occasional e-mails from the principal.  
  • International Connection and Mission with our sister school Colegio Luz y Vida located in Salquil Grande, Guatemala.  We connect with them via Skype once a month.
  • Grade K-8 classrooms are all equipped with Smart Board Technology. 
  • Excellent national standardized test scores (MAP and EXPLORE).
  • Service Learning through monthly visits to care facilities, mission projects, encouraging card ministry, jump rope for heart, and blood bank to name a few.   
  • Extra-curricular sports including volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross country, track, and cheerleading.  
  • Music is part of the regular curriculum for all grade levels, including Recorder instruction in 4th & 5th grades. 
  • Beginning  & Advanced Bands, Choirs available in grades 1-8, and Handbells in grades 5-8. 
  • Weekly library instruction for each grades PK3-Grade 5     
  • Title 1 & Resource teacher for grades K-4, along with enrichment programs for grades 5-8.
  • Spanish classes four days per week for grades 6-8 ; Introduction and beginning Spanish twice per week in grades K-5
  • Field Trips are a regular part of the curriculum throughout all grade levels. Common trips include JA BizTown, The Milwaukee County Zoo, and the State Capitol.
  • National Spelling Bee participation beginning at the local level
  • Annual Science and Academic Arts Fair
  • Junk Wars and Knowledge Bowl participation at the Middle School Level Technology instruction in our PC Computer Lab; students learn word processing, internet safety, power point, spreadsheets, keyboarding, and much more
  • Field trips for all grade levels (including Madison for 4th grade, 3-day Outdoor Education for 7th grade, and a rotating trip for 7th & 8th Grade of The Creation Museum in Kentucky and Washington, D.C.) 
  • Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome. We are grateful for all helping hands, and we delight in seeing parents involved in their children's school life here at St. John's. 

St. John's Elementary and Middle School

+ Faithful Disciples + 

+ Academic Excellence +

+ Christian Leaders +