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We are St. John's, and we are family! Our school is not just about children learning in the classroom. We extend that learning to families as we offer family-focused academic nights, learning how to make literacy and math enjoyable at home. 

Learning also occurs through volunteer opportunities.  Our Parent Partnership Organization, fundraisers and community events help support and promote the mission of St. John's. Both parents and their children are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Please contact the office for current year enrollment information, 262-334-3077. The 2020-2021 school year enrollment will open January 2020. The best way to learn about St. John's is to visit. Please click on the Campus Visit and Meeting Request form to schedule  your visit.

Campus Visit & Meeting Request Form

Admission & Enrollment

Our campus offers care and education for infants through 8th grade. Please click on the links below for the admission process that applies to your student.

  • Your children are a precious gift of God. Our caring staff partners with parents to care for these little ones just like they would be cared for at home. Our small ratios ensure that each child's needs can be met on a daily basis. Click here to learn more about our infant and toddler care.

  • At St. John's Early Childhood Center, we offer two options for our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs. Priority enrollment is given to families who are currently enrolled in the ECC, and then the community. An additional benefit, our Pre-K4 is an eligible Wisconsin Parent Choice program for families who meet income and residency requirements. Click here to learn more.

    Our Pre-K4 program is part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. Click here to learn how your child could attend at no charge!

  • St. John's Lutheran Elementary & Middle School is open to any family in the West Bend and surrounding area who seeks a Christian Education for their children. If you are new to  St. John's, please click here for admission requirements and tuition information.

    Interested in Wisconsin Parental Choice? Click here to learn how your child could attend at no charge.

  • Each year, currently enrolled families in our Early Childhood Center will receive registration paperwork for the upcoming school year. Please click here if your child is currently enrolled in our infants - Pre-K3 programs.

  • Priority enrollment is given to our current families each year. Click here for the timeline and requirements if you are a family currently enrolled at St. John's Elementary & Middle School, currently enrolled with New students (siblings), currently enrolled in St. John's Early Childhood Center Pre-K4 program, or a member of St. John's Lutheran Church. 

St. John's Elementary and Middle School

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