Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

St. John's participates in Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for K4-8th grades!

St. John’s Lutheran Elementary and Middle School is a Wisconsin Parental Choice Program participating school.  What does this mean?  

If your family meets the financial guidelines and you are a resident in the state of Wisconsin, your child could attend a participating Lutheran School from grades K4-12 at no cost What a tremendous blessing from the Lord through the state legislature of Wisconsin.   The application process will open on February 3 and run through April 16, 2020.

Families applying for Wisconsin Parental Choice are still required to complete the admission process and paperwork. Please click here for the checklist of requirements.

Summary of the program:

  • Parents will receive a voucher from the state to be used at participating private and religious schools.  A “once in always in” clause means that voucher is yours to keep regardless of future income increases.
  • The program is limited to those families with adjusted gross incomes shown in the chart below based on your 2019 income tax return and will be verified by the school.
  • Families must be residents of the State of Wisconsin.
  • Current public or homeschool students can enroll in a private school at any grade level. 
  • St. John’s students may enroll in WPCP at the PreK-4, Kindergarten, and first grade.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Requirements

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Application - Opens February 3, 2020!

If you want further information, please call the school office at 262-334-3077.

The table below lays out the income eligibility for the 2020-21 year (Income limits did not change from 2019-20):

Family Size

Single Parent

Maximum AGI

Married Parents

Maximum AGI
















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