Connecting, Caring & Sharing in Christ

Here at St. John's, we value the opportunities for "Connecting, Caring & Sharing" that come from our events. Events offered through all of our ministries are open to EVERYONE! Our events and opportunities offer a feeling of "family" when our students and their families participate. From academic nights, to school musicals, to Bible studies and the annual dinner auction, there is so much variety for anyone to jump in and join our FAMILY!

Camp Invention Connect - June 22

Camp Invention Connect is a dynamic, flexible program.  It can be screen-free and self-led, or it can be enhanced through online collaboration sessions with Coaches and fellow campers.  While screen time and the need for parental involvement are kept to a minimum, inspiration, exploration and creativity are unlimited!

Register using promo code SUM15 to save $15 (expires 6/22) off the $175 registration fee. Visit or call 80-968-4332 to secure your child's spot today!

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