Come Meet the St. John's Family

We are St. John's, and we are family! Our school is not just about children learning in the classroom. We extend that learning to families as we offer family-focused activities throughout the year.  Learning also occurs through volunteer opportunities.  Our Parent Partnership Organization, fundraisers and community events help support and promote the mission of St. John's. Both parents and their students are encouraged to participate in these activities.

Please contact the office for current year enrollment information, 262-334-3077. Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year is open now. The best way to learn about St. John's is to visit. Please click on the Request a Consultation to schedule a virtual visit and meeting with Mrs. Nicole Janisse (Infants-K4) or Mr. Jim Van Dellen (K5-8th grade).

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Providing Quality Education during the Pandemic

St. John's Lutheran ECC, Elementary & Middle School is committed to providing quality education, in a face-to-face environment as we believe that is the way that students learn best.  We also appreciate the role and responsibility we have to parents and the effect that quarantine has on family life.

  • Partnership with Parents

    One of our defining values is our desire to be in partnership with our families.  Our parents feel comfortable connecting and creating relationships with our staff, which allows for open communication when it comes to issues relating to COVID-19.  

    Especially during this uncertain time of our lives, we are committed to live out the mission of "Connecting, Caring and Sharing in Christ", as our heavenly Father cares for us.

  • Modifying Requirements as situations dictate

    Masks and social distancing are not required, as long as positive COVID cases are under 2 in a classroom.  If a family would like their student(s) to wear a mask while in attendance, they are more than welcome to, without fear of being ridiculed.  

    If positive cases increase in a specified period of time, we will work within our current protocols to minimize additional cases.  Please contact our administrator, Mr. Jim Van Dellen, if you would like to learn more.

  • flexibility during uncertain times

    Navigating all of these challenges is not easy as we consider what is best for the entire family of St. John's - West Bend.  If any parent has cause for concern, he/she is welcome to connect with our administrator.