Waitlist policy

It is the policy of St. John’s Lutheran Elementary & Middle School to limit class sizes for the success of every student. 

Each year, Priority Enrollment is open in December for families who: 

  1. Have students currently enrolled in St. John’s Elementary & Middle School;

  2. Have a student currently enrolled in St. John’s Early Childhood Center; or

  3. Are current members of St. John’s Lutheran Church

By January 15, returning enrollments are considered and seats filled in classrooms based on those enrollments.  This identifies available seats for new families to enroll.

As classes fill, it may become necessary to establish a waitlist for a classroom.  In order for a family to qualify for a spot on the waitlist, the following need to be completed:

  1. Family Consultation with the Administrator

  2. Online application form, provided at the time of your consultation

  3. Submission of the following required documents:

    1. Copy of student’s birth certificate

    2. Copy of current immunization records

    3. Letter of reference from previous school (1st - 8th gr. applicants)

    4. Copy of recent test scores (1st - 8th gr)

    5. Copy of recent report card

    6. Copy of any other educational support documents

Once qualified, students are admitted to the waitlist on a first come, first served basis.  Families will be notified as soon as an opening becomes available.  Once offered an opening, the family has five days to make their first month’s tuition payment, which is nonrefundable.  If a family does not make their payment within the five days, they forfeit the opening and the next family on the waitlist will be contacted.

The waitlist will exist from year-to-year only and the waitlist for each school year shall be established after the Priority Enrollment process for the upcoming year has ended and shall terminate when that calendar year ends.

All incoming students will be tested by St. John’s Elementary and Middle School to determine appropriate placement. At their discretion, the Administrator may request additional documentation or require additional testing to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate class level at the time of enrollment.

The Administrator shall have the authority to make decisions with regard to student admission in accordance with the St. John’s Elementary and Middle school Admission Policy (Refer to School Handbook). All enrollments are subject to a sixty day probationary period during which time either the administration or the family may determine that enrollment is not in the best interest of either the student or the class.