Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

St. John's participates in Wisconsin Parental Choice Program for

K4-8th grades!

St. John’s Lutheran Elementary and Middle School is a Wisconsin Parental Choice Program participating school.  What does this mean?  

If your family meets the financial guidelines and you are a resident in the state of Wisconsin, your child could attend a participating Lutheran School from grades K4-12 at no cost What a tremendous blessing from the Lord through the state legislature of Wisconsin.   The application process will open on February 1 and run through April 21, 2022.

Parents or guardians enrolling their children in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program should direct any questions to Mr. Van Dellen, school administrator, at 262-334-3077.

Families applying for Wisconsin Parental Choice are still required to complete the admission process and paperwork. Please click here for the checklist of requirements.

Summary of the program:

  • Parents will receive a voucher from the state to be used at participating private and religious schools.  A “once in always in” clause means that voucher is yours to keep regardless of future income increases.
  • The program is limited to those families with adjusted gross incomes shown in the chart below based on your 2021 income tax return and will be verified by the school.
  • Families must be residents of the State of Wisconsin.
  • Current public or homeschool students can enroll in a private school at any grade level. 
  • St. John’s students may enroll in WPCP at the PreK-4, Kindergarten, and first grade.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Requirements

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program Application

If you want further information, please call the school office at 262-334-3077.

The table below lays out the income eligibility for the 2022-23 year:

Family Size

Single Parent

Maximum AGI

Married Parents

Maximum AGI















*For each additional child, add $9,988.

**Income levels are Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)