Parent Partnership Organizaton (PPO)

Parents Connecting, Caring and Sharing in Christ - Through St. John’s Educational Ministries

  • What is PPO?

    PPO is the Parent Partnership Organization. We bring the parents of St. John’s students together to provide active support for our children’s growth as they are Strengthened by the King. We also focus on activities that help us unite as parents to support each other and our kids.  

  • Who is ppo?

    Every parent at St. John’s School and Early Childhood Center makes up the PPO. We need everyone’s help and support! Please plan to participate in the programs and activities the PPO provides, and volunteer as often as you can. You will see sign up sheets regularly throughout the year asking for your help in donating items or your time.

    The PPO has a Leadership Team of enthusiastic parents that help develop and manage the PPO programs. We’re always looking for more members of the Leadership Team. If you’d like to join us, please contact Dawn Oldenettel. The more active parents we have, the more we can do! 

  • what does ppo do?

    The PPO creates, funds and executes programs that increase school spirit and provide opportunities for our children to have new experiences that aid their growth as Followers of the King. Some of these programs include:

    • Funding for all St. John’s sports programs (volleyball, soccer, basketball, cross country, track)
    • Funding for busses on class field trips and service experiences at Cedar Community
    • Funding for each teacher to purchase classroom and educational enhancements
    • School Spirit and Fellowship Activities
    • Back-to-school ice cream social
    • Refreshments during school programs and activities (concerts, tournaments, etc.)
    • Teacher Appreciation Activities

  • Parent involvement program

    The Parent Involvement Program is the volunteer arm of SJL PPO. The goal of this program is to foster partnership with all families as we work together to enhance the educational experience at St. John's for our children. 

    Each school year, families are asked to complete service credits. These service credits can be completed in a variety of ways, including PPO Leadership Board, Room Parent, Coaching, Librarian, and so many others.

    Call the school office to get more information on how you can be an active participant in the improvement of our school.